HHG-Fun Foods Farm-hero

Heartland Harvest Garden: Fun Foods Farm

Come explore Fun Foods Farm—a magical spot within the Heartland Harvest Garden designed with kids in mind!

Water Conservation Courtyard

Playing in the Creek-FFF interior In the Water Conservation Courtyard, splash in the water as you learn how the water cycle works and pick up tips on conserving this precious resource. Don't miss the photo opportunities with our new residents, the Missouri mules, and pump some water for them to drink while you are there.

The Tutti Frutti Maze

Wind your way through the Tutti Frutti Maze and escape through the chicken coop into the Organic Garden to learn all about techniques for growing your favorite veggies in your own back yard.





Worm Dig and Caterpillar Courtyard

Don't miss the Worm Dig, where you can learn about how these wiggly worms can improve the soil, and the Caterpillar Courtyard, a great place to find out how to attract caterpillars and butterflies to your garden!

Good Bug, Bad Bug

The Insectaries Garden is the place to find out why we need bugs in our gardens. Pause for a game of "Good Bug, Bad Bug" hopscotch and climb on our oversize sculptures of favorite "good bugs" like the praying mantis.

Giant Salad Bowl

The giant, bright yellow bowl with the big fork and spoon is actually a garden! Look over the bowl's side to see how your favorite salad ingredients grow! A variety of colorful lettuces, radishes, carrots and more are planted here. Yum!

Fun Foods & Extraordinary Vegetables

Round out your journey in the Fun Foods & Extraordinary Vegetables Garden, where you can learn where favorite treats like chocolate, cola and root beer come from.

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