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Gardening in the rollercoaster weather extremes of the Midwest brings its own set of challenges and rewards. At Powell Gardens, our staff is passionate about sharing information that will help you succeed with your own gardening adventures.

Ways to Learn During a Visit

Review our Plant Picks

See our favorite plant picks in action! Download plant lists based on your needs and interests and bring them to the Gardens to see what the plants look like in the landscape.

Plant Collections

Did you know Powell Gardens has nationally recognized collections of conifers and magnolias? Or that we serve as a trial garden for new annuals through the American Garden Award program? The Heartland Harvest Garden is the nation's largest edible landscape, a living laboratory for you to see the more than 2,000 types of food plants you can grow right here in Missouri.

Other collections of note include dogwoods, native trees and shrubs, water plants, rock plants, daylilies and iris. Powell Gardens’ magnolia collection has been certified by the American Public Gardens Association’s North American Plant Collections Consortium (NAPCC) and its conifers are certified as a Reference Garden by the American Conifer Society.

Learn more about a dozen favorites from our magnolia collection >

Plant Evaluations & Introductions

Powell Gardens horticulture staff keeps a keen eye on plants on-site and throughout the region, always looking for plants with a unique set of characters that may make it a great garden plant.  When such a plant is found it is often propagated and grown in our evaluation gardens or nurseries.  To date, Powell Gardens has selected eight unique plants, all American native trees, shrubs and one vine and we have a license agreement for their commercial production and sale.  

One seedling tomato has also been selected for its uniqueness for the edible landscape and culinary use. If you have or know of a special plant we are willing to test it and/or provide you with the right contacts for its potential introduction into the seed and/or nursery trade.

Gardening Books

Pick up a book from Perennial Gifts to keep expert advice on hand. A few titles are available through our online store. See details.

Gardening Classes

Our adult education program provides the chance for you to learn from our talented horticulture staff. See the schedule of classes here.

More Gardening Resources from the Experts

Use these resources from Powell Gardens to help your own garden and landscape thrive:

Outside Resources

Plenty of additional resources can help guide your gardening endeavors. Here are a few we recommend:

State Extension Offices

K-State Research & Extension: Find monthly garden calendars, answers to common plant problems, information about Master Gardeners and more.

University of Missouri Extension: Learn how to test your soil and find links to state-specific gardening information. 

Plant Information 

Did you know? Volunteers contributed more than 18,000 hours to Powell Gardens in 2011, working in nearly every area from horticulture to administration. Learn how you can get involved. »


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