Culinary Adventures


The Heartland Harvest Garden is meant to be enjoyed with all five senses. Every time you visit we hope you taste, smell or learn something new. Here are some of the opportunities awaiting you this season.

Tasting Stations

Tasting Station Volunteer

How long has it been since you had a sweet, juicy strawberry, crunchy snow pea or tomato that ripened on the vine to peak flavor? Have you tried a Mexican sour gherkin or Armenian cucumber?

Stop by a Tasting Station (from late May to early October) to sample what’s growing in the Heartland Harvest Garden. With more than 2,000 food plants, you'll find something different with nearly every visit.

Fresh Bites

Ever wished you could talk with one of Powell Gardens' star horticulturists or get some free hands-on coaching about edible gardening or cooking from the garden? Barbara Fetchenhier will offer regular drop-in sessions in the Missouri Barn at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on most Saturdays from May through September. Learn more.  

Garden Chef Series

Need some inspiration in the kitchen? Attend our Garden Chef Series cooking demonstrations and discover new ways to use fresh ingredients. The 2015 series kicks off on Sunday, May 24, with a demo by Cody Hogan, Chef de Cuisine at Lidia's Kansas City. We will announce the full schedule in April. Learn more about the Garden Chef Series

Barn Dinners

The 2014 Missouri Barn Dinner Series included six fantastic chefs who created one-night-only menus featuring ingredients grown in the Heartland Harvest Garden. The season included five barn dinners, including two firsts for the series: a live-fire dinner on June 29 and a vegetarian dinner on July 20. Guest chefs included Joe Shirley, Craig Howard, Craig Jones, Ian Denney, Mickey Priolo and Rick Mullins. In April, we will announce the 2015 Missouri Barn Dinner Series.

Under a Harvest Moon

Chefs Linda Duerr, The River Club's executive chef, and Leon Bahlmann, Cafe Trio's former executive chef, created an unforgettable menu for this farm-to-table dinner, which benefits children's educational programs in the Heartland Harvest Garden. The September dinner showcased the season's best flavors with ingredients from local farms and producers, including the nation's largest edible landscape—the Heartland Harvest Garden. Learn more about Under a Harvest Moon here.


Did you know? Powell Gardens has 7,000 varieties of permanent plants on display. No matter the season, this is a great place to see an inordinate variety of plants in the landscape and take home ideas you can use. See our Gardening Resources »


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Visit the Heartland Harvest Garden at 2 p.m. most Sundays to learn how to cook from the garden!

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Give a gift membership to Friends of Powell Gardens. It's a gift that keeps giving all year long!

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Experience the tastes of the Heartland Harvest Garden with our new 'Fresh Bites' programs.

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